Urban Streetwear Hoodie style

Make a Simple Hoodie into a Modern Style Statement

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Rejoice, comforters. Men’s fashion has gotten even more relaxed, with athletics imitating premium apparel and luxury dress reverting to a more casual look.

What does this imply exactly? The hoodie is now yours to keep. However, there are some ground rules to follow before you start wearing one to your next wedding.

Let’s begin with a quick history lesson

Origins of the Hoodie

Like other fashion staples, men’s streetwear hoodies have humble beginnings. In the early 1930s, Champion began making hooded sweatshirts to protect athletes and laborers from the elements. Meanwhile, university athletic teams began asking for warmer winter apparel, making the hoodie popular among young Americans all winter.

By the 1970s, hip-hop culture had emerged on the streets of New York. The hoodie was popularized in this nation by graffiti artists, break dancers, and troublemakers who wore hoods to escape the police. Renegade skaters were hoodie dealers by the 1980s, and the hard-edge gangster rap of the 1990s cemented the hoodie as a symbol of societal disobedience and subculture acceptability. Hello and welcome to the neighborhood.

Because of its incredible comfort and luxurious twist, the hoodie’s concealment abilities play a new purpose twenty years later.

What Qualities Characterize a Good Hoodie?

The modern hoodie values more than simply performance and stealth. “When shopping for a new sweatshirt, look for great quality, a nice fit, and flexibility,” the author recommends.

How to Dress in a Hoodie

The zip variant, like a blazer, is intended to be worn open or zipped depending on the weather and overall look.
“You may dress up the zip-through. It’s also more adaptable. “You can take it off without messing up your hair, it once inside if you get overheated,” Sean explains.

The form of the pullover is slightly roomier. Higher necklines, sliding slits, and the lack of a ribbed hem are all more prevalent in this style, emphasizing comfort above sophistication.

“This is the quintessential urban streetwear hoodie style connected with being warm and cozy.” It should be kept at home ultimately. Nonetheless, keep a look out for an updated version. Hoodies are about stylish comfort and looking beautiful while sitting on the sofa.”

Hoodie Fitting Guidelines

As a general rule, the hoodie should be suited. The shoulders should be tight, and the hoodie’s sides should follow the hang of the body. A messy, weekend dad appearance is quickly created with a billowy body. Functionally, it makes layering difficult and untidy, causing bunching and fabric rolls when worn beneath a topcoat or jacket. On the other hand, more room is available if the hoodie is your outerwear piece. To cover both stylistic bases, every man should own one fitted and loose sweatshirt.

Fabrics for Hoodies

The original is a cotton jersey (and the best). It’s popular with both athletes and urban gentlemen. Cotton prevents air from penetrating (thus keeping you warm), absorbs sweat, and is breathable as your body temperature rises beneath. Plus, Jersey is quite comfy. For the transitional seasons – spring or fall – look for loopback cotton (it will state so on the tag).

Hoodie Dos and Donts

Hoodies are no more exclusively for gym (or couch) junkies; they may be worn on the street, to a good restaurant, and even (in specific) offices. Here are some hoodie dos and don’ts for the modern man:

Consider the function of your hoodie. Streetwear? Look for cotton jersey fits that are looser. Smart? Choose a cashmere or silk-cotton combination for higher quality, more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Wear it as a blazer with a shirt and tie with tailoring. It’s a sporty alternative to a waistcoat or cardigan as an inner layer item — it ensures the fit is snug, and the hood e45yyis nicely placed at the back of the neck.

Wear it as a casual jacket. Combine with a simple tee, washed jeans, and suede boots or shoes.

Learn how to stack it. Hoodies are the perfect ‘meat’ for your winter layer sandwich. The waterproof mac coat or parachute silk parka are excellent choices for keeping your hoodie dry in inclement weather. Don’t be scared to combine high and low items with the hoodie. The streetwear hoodie men excel in smart-cum-casual dressing.

Remember that the hoodie falls into a casual piece. It automatically lowers your dress code when you wear it with formal, semi-formal, or smart casual clothing. That’s not to suggest it’s a dire notion in terms of style. Menswear’s sportswear is here to stay. Before you wear a sweatshirt with your tux, consider the event’s expectations and socially acceptable. Don’t ever do that again.

Wearing a Hoodie with Jeans

The hoodie with jeans is a traditional combination that will help any man through the chilly weekend shivers. Explore around with the color combinations and know that, depending on the current denim color palette available, almost any color combination may work nicely together here.

Wearing a Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

Layering is essential here, with the basic hoodie as a backup to the outer denim. Contrast is a small rule in this case. While you may go monochromatic, mixing and matching the bottom, hoodie, and denim jacket is preferable. And if you stick to one color, like black, mix in different fabric textures.

How to Wear a Hoodie Jumper with a Blazer

We’re moving toward intelligent casual, and the hoodie’s adaptability is beginning to show. The key here is to choose a thinner hoodie that will not add bulk to the completed look. Add contrast, as always, for a much more relaxed appearance on casual Fridays in the office.

Wearing a Hoodie with a Bomber Jacket

This is streetwear, but not like you’ve seen it before. Modern men’s fashion has resurrected the bomber jacket, and it’s not a bad match for the equally legendary hoodie. Let your creativity go wild with this style’s contrast, textures, and print combinations. A thicker sweatshirt is an option to consider the looser fit of bomber jackets.

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