Western Wear for Men

How To Style Outfits Yourself

Friday, July 29th, 2022

In this rapidly growing trend of the fashion world, when it comes to western wear for men, creating a wardrobe and personal style can be quite a heavy task to take on. Fast online shopping and growing internet trends make you want to stack up your wardrobe while you want to stay in a sweet ‘stay-at-home style spot. So how does one invest in such changing paces of style in a way that it stays relevant and doesn’t break the bank? Well, some tips can steer you in the right direction, so your style becomes more of a portrayal of your personality rather than showcasing a painful, messy struggle.

And it all starts with the basics, the fundamentals that define your style. These basics stay a pillar to your fresh, new wardrobe and are pieces you can bravely and safely wear. Style is more of a blend between basics and adventure, and to understand that sweet spot, one must have a strong base that they know will deliver. The basics of a wardrobe consisting of western wear for men are solid-colored tees, evergreen pairs of jeans, neutral button-downs, and classic sneakers. The basics define your comfort style, things that never fade and compliment you always. Understanding these basics and knowing how to put them together is essential when it comes to crafting your very own dream style.

Second, comes personality. This step may take years to fully form, but it can be done. For starters, you can create a mood board of how you perceive yourself to be. And then take a few glances at your wardrobe and your shopping lists, aligning what you wear with who you are. Style is a non-verbal way of communication, crafting first impressions and creating your image before you’ve even begun speaking. When mastered, your wardrobe would just turn into parts of your nature with pieces wild and yet making you feel comfortable in your skin.

One way to do this is color. Basics are important, but they aren’t as customizable to your style. For this, you need the help of color, texture, and patterns, so every piece you end up wearing tells a story. A mix of these things is an art form that takes years to master. But when done right can be equally rewarding. One should know when to leap in and when to hold back, and that is how the perfect looks are made.

Next comes sizing. Understanding the fit of each and every piece is vital when putting together your style. Some things look better oversized, while others nail that perfectly tailored look. It depends on whatever feelings you want your urban western wear outfit to give off. Stay mindful that oversized doesn’t have to give the impression of lazy style, while perfect fits don’t always have to hint at sophistication and elegance. It is what you choose the pieces to portray, how you put them together, and how you create your outfits.

And one can not talk about fits without mentioning balance. And so, it is vital that proportions are kept in mind when you design your personal style. There needs to be harmony and alignment in your outfits to a point where even a messy look gives off an artistic vibe. For example, when you wanna mess around with some oversized pieces, make sure the rest is fitted well, so your natural posture and tones are complemented instead of being hidden underneath.

Finally, accessorizing and focussing on the details are what truly make exceptional style. Cold feet? Wear socks with cookie monsters to show a little fun side you. And just like this, watches, jewelry, caps, gloves, scarves, and so much more can be added to create that perfect blend in your style.

Style is a three-dimensional narration of who you are. It is a journey to be had and not just a destination to be reached. With growth, understanding, and a little spice, creating a perfect outfit and a unique style can be quite easy and fun. All you have to do is look deep inside you and spill that out onto what you’re wearing.

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