How to Dress “Cool” During Summers

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Imagine this. You just got dressed for lunch. Your layering, accessories, and basics are all on point, and you feel indestructible and absolutely awesome. But, as you leave your home, you are faced with a heating hurdle *dramatic drum rolls* “The Sun.” One of the major obstacles to style in summer is the boiling heat you are greeted with and the frustration that follows from the continuous dripping sweat. This struggle pushes you away from even the thought of dressing up, and you simply choose to rock a tee and sweats to stay cool. But this is damaging to the overall nature of your style. Soon your first impressions are going down the drain, and repetition becomes a true addiction to your style game. This brings us to the question, how can we dress cool and look cool simultaneously? Well, here is a list of things you can do to ensure that you’re on track with the Summer 2022 fashion trends and that things continue to be steady for you in the style department all year around.


The first step to better men’s summer fashion is choosing the right fabric. The fabric chosen to construct your is most important when it comes to summer style. Your clothing needs to be light and fresh through the day, repelling heat but attracting all those around you. Cotton is your best friend when it comes to offering breathable, clean cloth for you to live in. It is incredibly diverse and can easily be used to customize both layers and the basics of an outfit. Linen is also a good option for keeping your cool while maintaining a good look. These materials, however, require a good, regular iron to keep them looking fresh. Wrinkled summer wear really isn’t the way to go.


The pants you choose need to be breathable, be it cotton or denim. They need to let the air out to prevent frustration from building up through the day. Shorts are also incredible pieces that can really make you stand out in the summer heat. Durable, long-lasting, and lightweight bottoms are what you should be looking for this season.


The color palette is key to improving the overall performance of men’s summer style. Color perhaps matters most when it comes to summer wear. Wearing too much of the wrong color can turn you into a heat magnet (not in a good way). To prevent this, limit your canvas to lighter shades. Some darker pieces may be added but should be balanced to keep your outfit maintained and fresh throughout the day.


Layering is maybe the most feared subject when it comes to style in winters. And yes, when done wrong, layering can intensify your day’s frustration. To prevent this, try going for lightweight, breathable layers that compliment your outfit rather than burden it. Denim shirts, half-sleeved layers, and even bombers can work well to ensure that you aren’t behind in your style.


When dealing with seasonal limitations, it is vital to make up for them by using negligible weight to your outfit while boosting it a lot. This is where accessories come in. anything from classy watches, jewelry, caps, and sunglasses can help a ton. Glasses and hats are also useful accessories for blocking out the sun, easing that irritation. At the same time, watches and jewelry help boost your look and feel, even if all you wear is a tee and jeans. Socks and shoes can act as equally important, skyrocketing your style, all using breathable basics.

Your style is something true to you. It shouldn’t be lacking based on seasons; true style would look equally good in all seasons. It’s all about finding a way around the problem at hand. Summer outfits can be just as playful, relaxed, and good-looking as those of winter or spring. How you change and adapt is vital to keep you cool while your style stays relevant and just as amazing as you.

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