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Essentials of the Wardrobe

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Style is a random, continuous variable of one’s personality; just as the rest of you changes, grow, and vary to situation and condition, so does your style. It is an evolving feature of one’s nature, influenced perhaps by seasonal, traditional changes but maybe what does not change ever is the still thought of a good style. Like the essentials, water, air, and food, to your vitality stay still and unchanged, the core of your wardrobe, the essentials are too unmoved by such an evolutionary process. Here are some of the essentials every man needs up his sleeve to create, for example, the best of men’s urban clothing.

A White Tee

As complex and wild fashion is lately, leaping into a good style is actually very easy if you’re willing to take the first step. A plain white tee serves this purpose alone. It is simple, yet everlastingly, one of the few items you can never mess up. An item you can dress up or wear down. Whatever you choose to do with it, however, it will never disappoint. But be careful because this piece may just be the biggest wrinkle magnet, and you probably would have to iron or steam it after every wear. I mean, the all-rounder going to war, contributing so much, does deserve some care and attention, right?

A plain hoodie

And so, to carry our point across, style really isnt that hard, as shown once more by a hoodie. Simple, warm, turning your style into a much huggable statement. Recently, oversized clothing is making its way back into our lives, so don’t be afraid to size up. Find the perfect fit for you. If you don’t feel like risking it, just go with your size, and you will look equally great.

A denim shirt/Jacket

Now comes layering. And what better way to layer your already fantastic outfit than with a denim shirt or jacket. A darker shade has its badass look, but lighter colors can also look perfect if you wear them right. Pro tip: let it age. Denim looks much better rugged, so don’t be afraid to roughen it up or wear it down. A denim shirt can also be worn as a button-up if you’re going for that semi-formal look. Whenever you wear it on, it will ensure that you look on point, ready to slay the day.

Some color

Sure, solid black, white, grey, and blue have their charm, but as essential as they get, it is also necessary to show your fun, wilder side. Color, patterns, and graphics do just that. They add a little more ‘pop’ to your style, so you own what you wear and use style as a tool to show your true side. Add in patterns, textures, graphics, and a little color when feeling quirky. Don’t overdo it, though; as important as this is, you need to balance it out with some solidness in your style.


Knitted clothing, for example, sweaters, is a more elegant, sophisticated approach to what hoodies do. They give off this sense of mystery and maturity left far back when wearing a hoodie. Turtle necks or oversized sweaters perfectly tailor to your mood, and you can even go with wilder colors or patterns to give that huggable, vintage look. Solids can also be worn, but they are a more serious set for a more formal, mature vibe. Whatever you choose to go with, sweaters are ideal when adding emotions to your outfit.

Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is truly essential for every man. It is the most reliable statement piece that changes the whole look of an outfit. Preferably the safest is a black option, but there are many colors to choose from if you know what you’re doing. However, darker shades have an edge here since they compliment the whole feel of a leather jacket. This piece also tells stories and can be taken on many of your conquests. Let this one age too; it’ll be worth it in the end.

Denim above all

Choosing denim for your outfit not only makes it exceptional, but it also makes it perfect. Finding the right fit and length can do so much for your style. It can be ripped, rugged, rough, or smooth and fresh for a more formal look. You can even go for some men’s streetwear shorts to make you stand out. Oversized or slim fit or somewhere in the middle for that added comfort. Denim is something you can wear out and use as much as you want. The more it fades and the more it is roughened up, the more beautiful it stays. But still, it depends on how you like your denim, and it can definitely make or break the look you’re going for.

To end this list, I will add that your style is exceptional and unique to you. It is like a fingerprint crafting your first impressions and creating that overall comfort in your skin. Explore your options, know your basics, and don’t be afraid to leap in or be adventurous when it comes to your style. It is, after all, one of the best non-verbal ways to tell your story to the world.

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